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Row Spreaders

Row Spreaders are designed for vineyard, crop beds, and orchard spreading where the manure needs to be laid along a drip line, or in a narrow band such as required under trees and vines.

East Coast Spreaders has a wide range of row spreaders available, including front turbine, side belt, and spinner models.

With models starting from 2 tonne capacity, up to 30 tonnes, these high quality machines are well suited to operations of all different sizes.

Our SR range incorporate a turbine at the front which provides a constant flow out, and can easily break up, mix and spread many types of manure which other spreaders struggle with.

Our side belt delivery machines are designed to be able to spread single sided, double sided, or include center drop of material, so three growing beds can be applied at once. Models start at 2 tonnes, and range up to 30 tonnes capacity.

Some models are narrow so they can fit within the limits of a narrow vineyard, and some are quite large to have the capacity to apply large amounts to broadacre cropping.

Please contact us to discuss your needs so as that we can assist you in selecting the spreader most suitable for your needs.